Switzerland has an outstanding record of how to keep its borders safe. Clearly, geography plays its part, but Switzerland has also made the right strategic choices, according to our objectives, in training, alliances and equipment acquisition. Recent decisions regarding the replacement of fighters made sense, within country overall strategy, and Switzerland should apply the same logic to other fields of national defence.

Behind the turmoil, lies common sense

To an outside observer, or a layman, it could seem that we are acting erratically. After years of considering options for the replacement of Swiss fighter jets, the Saab Gripen was pre-selected…

After spending decades building an international military alliance in a stable, monolithic environment, modern armies have had to completely readapt to the new forms of conflicts. Upgrading and replacing simply won’t do anymore. The British Mechanized Infantry Vehicle (MIV) replacement program shows that we still haven’t fully come to terms

The new setting for modern-day battlefields has truly revolutionized the art of warfare, with ramifications deeper than what has been thoroughly assessed my military commanders today. IEDs, for instance, despite being easily confused with landmines by laymen, are utterly different in nature. Previous-day landmines were engineered, standardized, and it was…

John Cavill

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